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Back in 1995, I had the idea of writing my ‘Great American Novel’ and began researching a topic near and dear to my heart, the American Revolution.  As luck would have it, I found myself sidetracked by my day job, which included writing war games & exercise scenarios for my customers in Law Enforcement & Homeland Security.  Early on, I had written a successful workbook for business intelligence, law enforcement & sales training, which I recently updated and published in 2010 as The Human Skills: Elicitation & Interviewing.  Just a year after that in 2011 I wrote a textbook version, The Human Skills: Elicitation & Interviewing (2nd Edition).

Inspired by my professional experiences, as well as my love of a good tale, I wrote and published in March of 2010 my first novel The Brotherhood, now available on, Barnes &, Smashwords, the Amazon Kindle Store, and other online retail book outlets. With the great comments and encouragement I still receive from readers, I finally finished my novel set during the American Revolution.  And so, after painstaking research, writer’s block, and...oh yeah...that pesky day job in November 2010, I completed The Long Winter: Intrigue at Valley Forge, also available at a wide variety of online retail outlets!

Since then, my writing has taken a few interesting twists and turns. While I’m diligently working on a novel inspired by a long past visit to the battlefields of D-Day in Normandy, I’ve also found myself exploring the world of Hollywood, trying my hand at writing for television and the movies. This has resulted in a draft screenplay, which is soon going to be my third novel, The Quiet Patriot. Who knows! One day you may just see my name among the credits on the screen!