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The Human Skills: Elicitation and Interviewing

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Needs to be made into a text book for forensic, criminal justice and all intelligence communities.

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The collection of accurate, verifiable information is the basis of all good decision making whether you work in sales, marketing, management, research, law enforcement, intelligence or the military.

The Human Skills: Elicitation and Interviewing is a collection of two new books in The Human Skills series providing and demonstrating proven techniques for collecting the accurate information you need to make sound decisions.

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  • "Stopa reminds us of...the value of developing rapport and listening in gathering good information."
  • “I decided to use a different approach in speaking with him, relying heavily on your elicitation techniques. Not only did he admit to his wrongdoing, but he continued to assist me for days afterwards, collecting information on the other suspects, extracting information from the other suspects, and even providing concealed evidence incriminating himself.”
  • “Stopa's no frills and sophisticatedly concise book about the human skills of elicitation and interviewing belongs in the libraries of leaders of all ilk's to include law enforcement, intelligence-information collectors, physicians, psychologists, security consultants, military, reporters, journalists, forensic professionals, teachers, professors, marketers, and communications specialists.”