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Business Writing - Where It All Began!

I started my writing career in the mid-1990s when I began researching and writing a workbook for clients and customers, The Human Skills of Business: Debriefing, Interviewing and Elicitation. Alongside that effort, I started teaching those skills to clients in the Intelligence Community and Federal Law Enforcement. Next, I added clients in the business world, and then state and local law enforcement, fire and first responders the all over the country.

In 2009, a young homicide detective in California asked me to help him learn more about interrogations. I gave him a copy of that original workbook, asking him to give me feedback when he could. Later in the year and to my amazement, he sent me just the feedback I’d asked for. He’d prompted five different murder suspects to admit to their crimes, all using my techniques! But that wasn’t all, because his next feedback was the best of all, “Frank, you ought publish this!” That’s exactly what I did. In January 2010, I published the first edition of The Human Skills: Elicitation and Interviewing.