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The Brotherhood

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Engaging and after a point I just didn't want to put it down. You're always wondering what will happen next.

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The Brotherhood for the Jihad enters the world of Global Jihad by derailing an international communications plan and kidnapping its American backer.  When one of the kidnappers and his target are marooned in the mountains of Colorado, the two must rely on one another for survival while both sides race toward a dramatic rescue.

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  • “The book is engaging and after a point I just didn't want to put it down. It's got a strong and suspenseful build-up and well-written climax, and you're always wondering what will happen next.”
  • “Outstanding book. Easy to read, fast paced. This could actually happen!”
  • “What an Excellent Book!! I really enjoyed it and it held together beautifully. This was a very suspenseful book, hard to put down---actually, I am glad I finished it so that I can start getting some decent sleep again.”
  • “The Brotherhood” has just about everything that could make for a great movie: a good and noble businessman-turned-hostage, heroic cops working the case, and evil terrorists determined to save their way of life at any cost.”
  • “The Brotherhood” is an adventure filled with both interesting characters and a plot that moves at a decent pace. The realistic settings and true-to-life character motivations make for an entertaining and believable story.”